Sunday, 28 August 2011

More painted bits and pieces! The Annie Sloan way........

Car boot buy for £3

Auction buy for £1

Forgot to take pre paint pic but the others I have show the before- I got these at an auction for £2 for the lot!

Mushroom colour with thanks to my Mums recipe! And Chateau Grey.The candle stick has a gold paint rough detail and the table has mushroom trim- this was my first lot painted with thinned Annie Sloan and I do like the finish when using the paint this way- more coats but less brush marks.

Decoupage tin trunk

So I have a number of old tin trunks that have been around for years, handy for putting stuff in but they have rusted and been knocked about a bit.  I decided to try some decoupage on my smallest trunk and this is the result........

So I sanded the trunk to get off loose bits of rust and paint......

I undercoated it and painted the brackets, fixings and detail in old brass paint

I then covered the whole trunk in index pages from an old atlas to give me a base to work from and then added maps, pictures and some Graphics Fairy images 

The clasp to close the trunk was missing so I threaded some black ribbon through the holes , if I come across a clasp at any point I may replace it but I quite like the look.  I then brushed some brown pastel chalk over the whole thing to age the colours then varnished a few times.  I really love the finished result.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Macaron story continues......

Well folks after a wonderful start to Macaron making things went pear shaped (or none Macaron shaped!!) various techniques, books, blogs later could not explain my problem - flat, empty, soggy, no feet, would be macarons!! Lots of ground almond and egg white later I decided to contact my mum!!!! And what a success that was- again my search for macaron heaven came true!

Now my quest is ended- I may try again some time!!
Thanks Mum!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Well after Lewis bringing home (yes his month in Europe did go quickly!)  a lovely book- Irresistible Macaroons- what could I do but make some!!

Not perfect by a long shot but lovely!  I really like this book as there are 10 steps to follow to making them with a good trouble shooting section if needed!  Lengthy to make, yes, expensive yes but lovely YES!! oh and where have they all gone ?
Lovely B&Q staff are my taste testers- yes Gary took most of them to work!!!  Saves the waistline here I suppose! Maybe I will try some more for the village hall sale this weekend- what flavour?  Hmm maybe yellow with my lovely home made Lemon I go then.....

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Scandinavian pink inside!!!

Not a briliant picture but just to show the pink interior of my little cupboard- hmm lovely raspberry pink!!!  This little cupboard is now nicely nestling in my sewing room, fullup already of sewing etc stuff!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Annie Sloan & Graphics Fairy = lovely sewing cupboard

 So this is a cupboard I was given a while ago- all the things I could do with it.............
 Used Graphics Fairy scissors- added a little dark wax to them and stuck them on..........

 Added a little handle I had........

 Will be a cupbaord for my sewing paraphinallia which is copious in its quantity!  I have painted the inside Scandinavian pink. more photos to follow of this!
Oh and a tray in the making- just cannot stop!!