Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chalk Paint makeover.

Well I did it, I went for the dark wax and love it!!  I have tried many times with the Annie Sloan dark wax and lost courage as it just seems such a contrast.  But this time after watching a youtube tutorial I just did it! This is the little shelf in the previous post all done up.  It is now in its new home, the little summer house in the woods.

So Scandinavian pink Annie Sloan, two coats; clear wax, one coat, dark wax, one coat.

This little summer house has had such a make over.  It was very drab and dreary having been in storage for ages.  I used a garden stain/protector to give it a face lift.

 We lined it with insulation then added some cladding.  One day I hope to have a little wood burning stove just to make it more cosy.

Our woodland garden.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Annie Sloan painting again!

Well yes I am back to my Annie Sloaning again which I do so enjoy!

We found this nice little shelving unit to go in my little tiny summer house and immediately

I saw it in Scandinavian pink with dark wax finish!!  I just love the pink but haven't dared to use it on an item yet (only inside a cupboard).  The dark waxing also freaks me a bit but having watched a video on the Annie Sloan website  I will go for it!!

Finished results will follow later.  Have you used Annie Sloan chalk paints before?  What about dark waxing?

Friday, 2 August 2013

Colette sewing pattern helping me to make my first dress!!

So  a lady in our little village suggested that it would be nice to get together for a sewing group utilising the knowledge and skills of experienced sewers to teach those of us who are novice and  learners.  What a lovely idea and the first 2 meetings have attracted 7+ ladies which is great.  It really is the best way to learn these skills, tips, hints and ideas just flow during the evening and the 2 hours rush by!  There is a wide age range which is great and sharing is the name of the game!

I decided to give a dress a go as I knew there would be lots of help available.  So I searched the web for a beginners pattern and finally chose this Colette Crepe dress which states it is for beginners.  Next I needed to find fabric- I found a lovely linen vintage look fabric at Cloth Spot - clothspot

Not only is the fabric lovely at Cloth Spot I also love their site which really displays the fabric to its potential and they help mix and match as well as giving lovely descriptions.

I found the pattern at the patterns are lovely and come with a little booklet of instructions.  I have never used a paper pattern before.  So far I am all cut out and have started sewing!!  Will post photos of progress as time passes!!