Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ol' Shoe Box given the Annie Sloan treatment!!

So we have had this for ages, it initially came to us from an auction full of old art materials.  The art stuff caught our eye not the box- we always intended to get rid of it!  It made it's way into the kitchen and became a useful if ugly piece of furniture- to store our garden and walking boots and somewhere for Ffion our spotty dog to stand a look out of the door!   So as it had made itself so indispensable I decided to give it a treat!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture but those of you who know her will not recognise her!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Little clock

Remember the little group of items waiting for a new life!?....

Well one of the carriage clocks has one now- very shabby but I do like it.....

Sunday, 18 September 2011


So here they are,
vanilla shells with raspberry filling
and red shells with the same filing...oh so lovely!

I used dried raspberry powder in the filling which is butter cream and icing sugar.  The powder has no additives and the colour is so lovely- the taste... hmm just right!

Lovely Weekend, Abergavenny Food Festival


What a great weekend this was, well day- we spent the day eating our way around lots and lots of stands selling their lovely foodie goods!!  Of course I hurried to the cheese Macaron?!?! yes you heard (read) it right!  Small little gems, £1 each!!!  No tasters before you buy!  So I gave a pound and had hazelnut  with goats cheese- ok but very strange having cheesy macaron- will stick to my gorg sweet ones- of which I have enjoyed today actually- photos to follow really!

So we had a couple of tipples too which made the day just so lovely.  And then spent time listening to a lovely group.

Fun was had!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

More Macarons.....

Tried again with my mums recipe as it worked well for me last time- see past posts!

Made red and white.  the white are not pure white a tinge of brown but will be vanilla flavour when filled so thats ok I think.  Some of the pink ones cracked, these were on a different baking sheet to all the others, one with holes in so won't use that again!

Will post pics of the filled ones when done.  these are going to go to the village hall for the village sale this weekend!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Annie Sloan and Graphics Fairy just go on and on....

Here are the little saved items waiting for a revival and saving from the heap!

So I had a little supply of items saved from the charity shop box or even worse, rubbish box!!  I can always see the potential in many items where no one  else can in this household!  I have had a lovely day of painting,waxing and Graphics Fairying!

So a mixture of two graphics from Graphics Fairy Site , a bit of garden string and a good amount of clear and dark wax transformed this large tin mug.  I love this!

Little metal tray that was a bit rusty and old looking- painted, waxed and adorned with 3 little egg cups!
And then a couple of other items that I started a while ago or just decided to do today!

Lovely even though I say it myself- mostly because I so enjoy these crafty escapades!   I have a table, magazine box a couple of stools, a sewing box still to do!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Shiitake Mushroom growing

Given to me as a gift from our very kind sister-in-law and family.  It came as a log and after only 2 weeks I have mushrooms! Looking forward to eating them.http://www.themushroomgarden.com

These are produced by our nearby neighbours- take a look at their website

Tea Cup Pin Cushion.. the story continues!!

Lovely pin cushion designed and made by Holly & me!!  Another crafty moment!  I love the colour combination Holly.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Time crafting with little sister and family week!

Emily getting busy with a sewing machine!  After sitting in the lovely sun cutting squares from old jeans and vintage fabric Emily begins to construct her patchwork throw!

Well done Em and want to see the finished product very soon!!!
Jax and Ffion having fun with rope at Black Rock Sands

Amy cakes at Black Rock

Fire lady Amy at Porthmadog play area

Hmm now I have to put all the sand back.....!
A lovely week was had by all I think!!

Some Annie Sloan makeovers!

Lovely but dated

Annie Sloan mixed paint and dark waxed with Graphics Fairy face with vintage image inserted into clock face image- I love it!
So we have seen these before yes- nice at the time and so skillfully made but dated.

A little Annie Sloan & Graphics Fairy makes it oh so lovely!
Now this piece is so lovely

Undercoat of Scandinavian Pink and overcoat of Chateau Grey with dark wax finish

I really like the combination of colours and how the painted finish shows off the detail so much more

Right shabby chic mirror!

Annie Sloaned, waxed and through the mirror  image finished with black ribbon hanger.  I love this and it sold on ebay for £4! Someone else likes it too!
Forgot to do a before piccy but this little item has been transformed to really show off all the hard work someone has put into the tapestry.  Low little footstool painted in mushroom mix Annie Sloan and clear waxed.