Saturday, 30 July 2011

Painted table

My first bit of furniture - the learning really begins......... So this is the little dark wood table I got for a few pounds a while ago.  I Annie Sloaned it ........
and then added 2 decoupage maple leaf emblems from Graphics Fairy and distressed the whole thing.  I think I got a bit heavy handed on the lower part of the table but hey that is how it goes!  I could do with some dark wax to finish so may get some soon as I think it would mellow it all a bit further.  I have to say I think I need some more practice with the finish- lots of brush marks evident- although I think it adds to the knocked about look!!!!!!!!

 I wasnt sure how the decoupaging would work out but seems ok and took the wax really nicely.
So for my first large piece, not bad, need more practice so the next project begins.....

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Painted furniture, the Annie Sloan way!!

 So yes I have joined the chalk paint crew- but how satisfying it is!!!  This little set of drawers was hidden in a junk shop place looking very sorry for itself- no back and really neglected.
 I don't think it has had so much attention since it's been made!!!  I did lots of sanding first as very grubby and soaked the little handles in vinager- they came up a treat.  One handle was broken so I have threaded black ribbon through it and I like the quirkyness of it!!  This is to keep all my little sewing odds and ends in .  I have to say I do like the finish- at first I wasn't so sure about chalk paint but with the wax and distressing it comes up beautifully.  The first coat is Farrow and Ball French Grey then I used Old Ochre top coat and soft wax to finish.  The insides of the  drawers is French Grey.  Not taken a pic of these though.

Thanks mum for introducing me to Annie Sloan paint- I too am on a frenzy!!!!! What next?............

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blueberries and Decoupage

So I found this little wooden box in a charity shop for £1 and had recently purchased a load of lovely old but very worn books, atlas etc.  I decided to cover the box in the index pages of a natural history book and then used the insect pages for my pictures!  It is lovely I think and I really enjoyed making it- my tin trunk is coming along, being made in the same sort of way- will post pics of it when done!

 I decided to place a butterfly inside the lid too.
 Varnishes with high gloss varnish which really protects it.
 And here they are the first of our Welsh Blueberries- and we have loads- just need to stop eating them straight from the bush and let them get to the kitchen!!!  Yum!

Carding the fleece!

 This is the fleece, clean and ready to go with my carders!
These are my first rolags! Anyone who is experienced at this may have a tip or two for me, but hey we all start at the begining!  I have to say carding seems very satisfying in that is turns the wooly mass into something that begins to look spinable and knitable!  It is obvously course wool but lovely colour and the smell.  I now realise why wool costs what it does although I guess most is machine done now, but this is going to take a while for me and thats before the spinning and knitting!  I have contacted the Guild of spinners,weavers and dyers, Gwynedd and plan to visit them in September- taking my wheel with me!! Imagine!!  A whole new world opens up before me- will continue to share it here.......

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Badger Faced Fleece!

Badger Face sheep 

Badger face sheepBadger Face sheep are good coloured sheep for small holders to own. They lamb easily and are excellent mothers, frequently producing twins that grow well. They are hardy and economical. The meat is lean, tender and very tasty.

Using the fleece of Badger Face sheep

The fleece of Badger Face sheep is used mainly for carpets but it is popular with hand spinners who appreciate the natural colour and bounciness of the wool.

So this is my fleece all washed and dried ready for carding then spinning!!!  The washing was an experience and thank goodness for the internet- all advice gathered via Google!!! Luckily the sun came out long enough to dry it beautifully!  The fleece was given to me by a very kind farmer friend!  I am hoping I can get to grips with the new (from an auction with no instructions) spinning wheel!  Will keep you posted!!

Veggi Patch treasure!!

 Lovely little ruby gems- beetroot- yum  the first of many more!!!
 Another pink gem of French garlic- we have sooo much of this- it smells beautiful!
 Buried gold!!  However not so successful as didn't seem to have many and the leaves were dying down- will try harder next year- but they are still delish!
This is the patch as it continues to grow-- Blueberries beginning to turn blue, raspberries juicy and plump.  I do love this growing your own malarky!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pin Cushion in a cup!!

So I have a few of these little coffee cups and saucers - got them free with lovely packets of biscuits a while ago.  And I need a pin cushion- I saw this idea in Cloth magazine (a lovely little mag full of ideas!) it took 20 minutes to make so just up my street for quick makes!!  I love it and will probably make more !!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Colour in the garden & village sales!!

Lovely flowers in our little garden- a bolt of colour in the greenness here!!

 I had a table at the village hall sale this weekend- selling lettuce, shallots, garlic, potatoes, courgette, mange- tout, herbs, sloe gin & rum and our elderflower champagne - oh also cake and flapjack.  The jars I filled with american pancake mix and used a label from Graphics Fairy. Also used a lovely label for the elderflower champagne!
Very popular home produced items I can say and I felt very proud of each little veg leaving with its purchaser!!

The Travelling son!!!

 At the first station- Wellingborough! Our son is on his way to his adventure in Europe!!
 Monkey on his first of many trains!
Just going into customs at St Pancras!! on his way!!

Well our Lewis has been travelling for 9 days he has been to: London, Paris, Dijon, Nice, Milan... wow what a lot! Also seen his grandparents on the way and celebrated Bastille day with them.  Off next to Zurich.  Follow his blog

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Renovating and recycling!

These are a few items we have rescued from the tip or car boot sales.  Ready and waiting for a new lease of life.  After having read The Occasional Pat blog I too have decided to try Annie Sloan chalky paint.  will post the outcomes as they emerge!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Stencils, fabric, elderflower champagne and gardening!!!

 So haven't got far with the cutting of the stencil and decided to draw another component!!  This is a long term project but thats ok!!  Need to look after the fingers as this can get painful!!  Have tried to find acetate sheets and hot cutter but not been successful - if you have any information regarding these I would truly welcome it!!!
 Purchased the most gorgeous piece of fabric from - any ideas on what I can do with it!!???
And yes at last the elderflower champagne!  It is so lovely and refreshing especially in this hot spell- what a success - fizzy bubbles and all.  How do the bubbles get in there??!!  Will definitely be making this again and the recipe I followed was excellent.

So the garden continues to grow and provide us with ongoing pleasure and things to do as well as food to eat!  I have lifted most of my shallots this weekend as they looked ready and the sun is good to dry them.  Also lifted some garlic that was beginning to die down.  this looks great- all the way from France last year!

Having has this last week off work I have got really stuck in to a few of my crafty things! Not really got time to go back to work now!!  Started decoupaging, and painting a few bits of small furniture.  will post results when completed!!