Sunday, 24 July 2011

Veggi Patch treasure!!

 Lovely little ruby gems- beetroot- yum  the first of many more!!!
 Another pink gem of French garlic- we have sooo much of this- it smells beautiful!
 Buried gold!!  However not so successful as didn't seem to have many and the leaves were dying down- will try harder next year- but they are still delish!
This is the patch as it continues to grow-- Blueberries beginning to turn blue, raspberries juicy and plump.  I do love this growing your own malarky!


  1. Wow, your garlic is huge! Ours are nowhere near this size but we think it is lack of water in the Spring. Well done. It is nice to eat what you have grown isn't it? We have had our first cauliflower this week and it was lovely. You should see the grapes I will take a photo when and if the sun comes out again.

  2. Wow cauli- havent tried that yet maybe next year! Was thinkg of asking if you coud send us more of that garlic to grow this year- but possibly I could use some cloves from the ones we've grown- not sure if they give the best results to grow on from ?