Sunday, 24 July 2011

Badger Faced Fleece!

Badger Face sheep 

Badger face sheepBadger Face sheep are good coloured sheep for small holders to own. They lamb easily and are excellent mothers, frequently producing twins that grow well. They are hardy and economical. The meat is lean, tender and very tasty.

Using the fleece of Badger Face sheep

The fleece of Badger Face sheep is used mainly for carpets but it is popular with hand spinners who appreciate the natural colour and bounciness of the wool.

So this is my fleece all washed and dried ready for carding then spinning!!!  The washing was an experience and thank goodness for the internet- all advice gathered via Google!!! Luckily the sun came out long enough to dry it beautifully!  The fleece was given to me by a very kind farmer friend!  I am hoping I can get to grips with the new (from an auction with no instructions) spinning wheel!  Will keep you posted!!

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  1. It looks scary! Hope you don't get into too much of a spin (sorry for the pun).