Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Carding the fleece!

 This is the fleece, clean and ready to go with my carders!
These are my first rolags! Anyone who is experienced at this may have a tip or two for me, but hey we all start at the begining!  I have to say carding seems very satisfying in that is turns the wooly mass into something that begins to look spinable and knitable!  It is obvously course wool but lovely colour and the smell.  I now realise why wool costs what it does although I guess most is machine done now, but this is going to take a while for me and thats before the spinning and knitting!  I have contacted the Guild of spinners,weavers and dyers, Gwynedd and plan to visit them in September- taking my wheel with me!! Imagine!!  A whole new world opens up before me- will continue to share it here.......

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