Friday, 29 April 2011
for good advice about spinning with a drop spindle!!  very difficult but fun!!!

Just finished first ever double pointed needles sock today- started some time ago (last autumn!!) still hope to finish second sock much sooner!!  

Second skirt made from sew what skirts book- from same fabric!

Skirt made by making a rectangle then sewing the zip at an angle.  Fabric very cheap and I love it!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dessert by Lewis

Lovely pudding made by Lewis this evening!  Ginger biscuit and almond base, home made lemon curd, raspberries, yogurt sweetened with sugar and vanilla and chocolate shavings...... Jamie Oliver style...yum!

So here we are, skipping a few little details, right up to date!  Gary has made a fab job of using a big load of cheap wood to make beds, fence and gate.  the growing is good and so far not too many losses- although the cats think we have installed a luxury loo just for them!!!!
Our veggie patch in the beginning March this year.  Using a bit of waste ground taken over by brambles and house renovation rubbish.  After lots of clearing we had a space that was a decent size but all hard core and rock.  Little cheap plastic greenhouse was the first resident to move in!

New blog!

Well, like others in my family I have joined the blogging world!!  Here I will share some of the many things we do!!!  A lot about our new veggie patch and some about the other things we do!