Sunday, 3 July 2011

Stencils, fabric, elderflower champagne and gardening!!!

 So haven't got far with the cutting of the stencil and decided to draw another component!!  This is a long term project but thats ok!!  Need to look after the fingers as this can get painful!!  Have tried to find acetate sheets and hot cutter but not been successful - if you have any information regarding these I would truly welcome it!!!
 Purchased the most gorgeous piece of fabric from - any ideas on what I can do with it!!???
And yes at last the elderflower champagne!  It is so lovely and refreshing especially in this hot spell- what a success - fizzy bubbles and all.  How do the bubbles get in there??!!  Will definitely be making this again and the recipe I followed was excellent.

So the garden continues to grow and provide us with ongoing pleasure and things to do as well as food to eat!  I have lifted most of my shallots this weekend as they looked ready and the sun is good to dry them.  Also lifted some garlic that was beginning to die down.  this looks great- all the way from France last year!

Having has this last week off work I have got really stuck in to a few of my crafty things! Not really got time to go back to work now!!  Started decoupaging, and painting a few bits of small furniture.  will post results when completed!!


  1. You have been busy again. Stencil hot knife and maylar (or something like that) from the Stencil Library, that's wher I got mine. Gorgeous fabric, how much have you got? It could make a nice bag, cover a canvas and make a picture of it, cushion covers, lampshade, re-cover a chair or stool. I am sure you will think of something! We have started taking up some red onions and the garlic also is dying down but it's not very big. Too hot a spring I think. Your shallots look good.

  2. Hey mum what a lot of ideas slow down let me make a note of those!! I had thought a stool cover as I have just purchased a do it up stool from a car boot in Northampton! but also wanted to do a calico cover with a graphics fairy pic- so many things what to do....?! Thanks for the info re stencil stuff will look.