Saturday, 30 July 2011

Painted table

My first bit of furniture - the learning really begins......... So this is the little dark wood table I got for a few pounds a while ago.  I Annie Sloaned it ........
and then added 2 decoupage maple leaf emblems from Graphics Fairy and distressed the whole thing.  I think I got a bit heavy handed on the lower part of the table but hey that is how it goes!  I could do with some dark wax to finish so may get some soon as I think it would mellow it all a bit further.  I have to say I think I need some more practice with the finish- lots of brush marks evident- although I think it adds to the knocked about look!!!!!!!!

 I wasnt sure how the decoupaging would work out but seems ok and took the wax really nicely.
So for my first large piece, not bad, need more practice so the next project begins.....


  1. This is lovely Sophie, the brushmarks are part of the AS paint look, I must say that I have started giving the first coat a very light sand before waxing or giving a second coat. The paint is easy to sand and comes off like chalk but be careful as it is easy to sand back down to the base if you do it too much. Also make sure it is dry before doing it. I have been doing mine outside wheather permitting as the light is so much better. the dark wax would tone down the colour quite a bit. If you get some try mixing the light and dark together and try it underneath the table to see if you like it. I think the table looks really nice and the decoupage is lovely too.

  2. It's gorgeous...especially for your FIRST piece!! Don't you just LOVE ASCP!?

    Deborah (happily visiting from

    {Hope you'll pop by my space too!}

  3. Great job Sophie! First time or not! Don't think you can go wrong with ASCP. If at first you don't like it...give it another coat...blend your own color. Love the Maple leaves too.