Sunday, 11 September 2011

Annie Sloan and Graphics Fairy just go on and on....

Here are the little saved items waiting for a revival and saving from the heap!

So I had a little supply of items saved from the charity shop box or even worse, rubbish box!!  I can always see the potential in many items where no one  else can in this household!  I have had a lovely day of painting,waxing and Graphics Fairying!

So a mixture of two graphics from Graphics Fairy Site , a bit of garden string and a good amount of clear and dark wax transformed this large tin mug.  I love this!

Little metal tray that was a bit rusty and old looking- painted, waxed and adorned with 3 little egg cups!
And then a couple of other items that I started a while ago or just decided to do today!

Lovely even though I say it myself- mostly because I so enjoy these crafty escapades!   I have a table, magazine box a couple of stools, a sewing box still to do!


  1. So when will you be opening your Etsy shop? You have been a busy bee. It is very satisfying to let your imagination run riot when you have the inclination. Lovely selection of items, I bought two little tables today but they need some attention before I can get onto them.

  2. Very cute projects! Thanks for sharing :D

    I found your link at GraphicsFairy's BRAG MONDAY party today,

    Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

  3. You ve been busy soph. All looks super fab. I m looking forward to my shabby chiced up Christmas pressie! Em x

  4. I found your link from the Graphics Fairy Brag Monday party. Beautiful work! Love all your up-do's! I know what you mean by seeing the potential where no one else in the family does. They just see the junk. :7D You're awesome!
    Liz, in SE Idaho

  5. Liz thanks for your very kind comments!
    where is your blog and what is the name of the etsy store???!!!