Friday, 9 September 2011

Some Annie Sloan makeovers!

Lovely but dated

Annie Sloan mixed paint and dark waxed with Graphics Fairy face with vintage image inserted into clock face image- I love it!
So we have seen these before yes- nice at the time and so skillfully made but dated.

A little Annie Sloan & Graphics Fairy makes it oh so lovely!
Now this piece is so lovely

Undercoat of Scandinavian Pink and overcoat of Chateau Grey with dark wax finish

I really like the combination of colours and how the painted finish shows off the detail so much more

Right shabby chic mirror!

Annie Sloaned, waxed and through the mirror  image finished with black ribbon hanger.  I love this and it sold on ebay for £4! Someone else likes it too!
Forgot to do a before piccy but this little item has been transformed to really show off all the hard work someone has put into the tapestry.  Low little footstool painted in mushroom mix Annie Sloan and clear waxed.


  1. All gorgeous, wish I could find some of these lovely things here! You have been busy. I particularly like the vaze in chateau grey and scand pink and the clock. By the way did you know that you can add text to those Graphics Fairy items that have a blank bit? Save them in Picasa and add the text in Piknic. I need to get on and do some more, have been making grape jelly as we have a glut of black and white grapes. Just made White Grape Jelly with Rosemary and it is lovely.

  2. Grape jelly sounds lovely! Thanks for the tip will have a go mum!

  3. Oh yes, the paint has really shown up the detail on the vase - gorgeous. I would have paid more than £4 for the mirror - it is sooo sweet!

  4. Emily you are so kind thanks!! Hmm what to paint for a fellow painter????!!!!