Sunday, 28 August 2011

More painted bits and pieces! The Annie Sloan way........

Car boot buy for £3

Auction buy for £1

Forgot to take pre paint pic but the others I have show the before- I got these at an auction for £2 for the lot!

Mushroom colour with thanks to my Mums recipe! And Chateau Grey.The candle stick has a gold paint rough detail and the table has mushroom trim- this was my first lot painted with thinned Annie Sloan and I do like the finish when using the paint this way- more coats but less brush marks.


  1. They look great, love the colours. Fantastic bargains you have found, the candlesticks are gorgeous. Maybe this is getting to be just as much of an obsession with you as with me. Emily will be interested in picking up any tips I suspect.

  2. Hmm yes, I do look at everything now and say'could paint that!!' Allyson has been here this week and has painted a couple of bits!! And I am sure Em will also participate!!