Sunday, 28 August 2011

Decoupage tin trunk

So I have a number of old tin trunks that have been around for years, handy for putting stuff in but they have rusted and been knocked about a bit.  I decided to try some decoupage on my smallest trunk and this is the result........

So I sanded the trunk to get off loose bits of rust and paint......

I undercoated it and painted the brackets, fixings and detail in old brass paint

I then covered the whole trunk in index pages from an old atlas to give me a base to work from and then added maps, pictures and some Graphics Fairy images 

The clasp to close the trunk was missing so I threaded some black ribbon through the holes , if I come across a clasp at any point I may replace it but I quite like the look.  I then brushed some brown pastel chalk over the whole thing to age the colours then varnished a few times.  I really love the finished result.


  1. I love it, it's just gorgeous, truly lovely. You should link it to The Graphics Fairy for her Brag Monday post.

  2. Thanks Mum, I think I will!