Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Macaron story continues......

Well folks after a wonderful start to Macaron making things went pear shaped (or none Macaron shaped!!) various techniques, books, blogs later could not explain my problem - flat, empty, soggy, no feet, would be macarons!! Lots of ground almond and egg white later I decided to contact my mum!!!! And what a success that was- again my search for macaron heaven came true!

Now my quest is ended- I may try again some time!!
Thanks Mum!


  1. Oh, they look delicious, what flavour? You did well to keep on trying.

  2. They were lovely- very delish! The Macarons were plain flavour with delicate lemon curd filling. The texture is lovely although we havent been able to leave them for the 3+ days!! The colouring was gel egg yellow- really good and lovely colour- added as whisking the egg white- will get more colours. When do you add the dried fruit powder?

  3. I added it to the filling not the macarons, it was delish.