Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chalk Paint makeover.

Well I did it, I went for the dark wax and love it!!  I have tried many times with the Annie Sloan dark wax and lost courage as it just seems such a contrast.  But this time after watching a youtube tutorial I just did it! This is the little shelf in the previous post all done up.  It is now in its new home, the little summer house in the woods.

So Scandinavian pink Annie Sloan, two coats; clear wax, one coat, dark wax, one coat.

This little summer house has had such a make over.  It was very drab and dreary having been in storage for ages.  I used a garden stain/protector to give it a face lift.

 We lined it with insulation then added some cladding.  One day I hope to have a little wood burning stove just to make it more cosy.

Our woodland garden.

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