Sunday, 19 April 2015

Little Spotty Dog

So I thought it about time I shared a post about a very important person in our lives here at Pratt's Patch, Ffion our dalmatian/springer cross dog.

She brings a lot of joy and laughter to our family...

She loves the sea and is a springy little dog!

She particularly loves climbing, and posing for photos....

which makes her a great subject for practising with a new camera as I was here!

This one was taken by our son Lewis, who is a keen photographer and the brains behind a great new photography subscription service

She also thinks we have purchased a leather settee just for her!

These guys are two of her best friends and they definitely rule the roost!


Friends that are sadly no longer with us but taught her a lot and put up with so much!

This is the cutie who grew into the girl we now love and enjoy!!

The beginning
of a lifetimes horrible habit!

In the beginning.....

Hope you have enjoyed the photos
Do you have a pet who has a special place in your life?


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