Monday, 27 April 2015

Blogger event and introduction to Kiss the Moon

So I was very lucky to be invited to a band new blogger event in Sheffield last weekend that my daughter Holly-Lucy and her blogger friend Lorna  have collaborated on to bring bloggers together through #TheCityGirls

What an amazing event it was!  Held in the vintage style setting of Bloo88 West Street, Sheffield.

There were lots of lovely brands there which will feature in a future blog post!

We were so lucky to also be given an absolutely bursting at the seams goody bag!

The first item out of my bag was a beautiful sample from Kiss the Moon
What a lovely brand name, beautiful website and amazing after dark face oil!

This is a gorgeous face oil for use at bedtime to chase away anxieties and lift the spirit encouraging beautiful sleep!

Perfect for dry skin , this is a definite favourite of mine and I look forward to my bedtime routine of splashing a few drops of the oil into my palm, rubbing my hands together to warm the oil and release the gorgeous  orange, geranium, myrrh and litsea heady scent.

£48 for 30ml of deliciousness to welcome a beautiful sleep.

The range also includes Love and Calm after dark oils with equally tempting and evocative scents I would just love to try!

Have you used this brand before?  Which scent is your favourite?


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