Sunday, 10 May 2015

Voss water infusion wow!

So to continue to share some of the lovely things that I was lucky enough to get from my daughters blogger event #thecitygirls at Sheffield last month, I thought I would share with you a lovely water infusion made with a lovely artisan water.

This is a cool idea to add a splash of taste to a bottle of water.  Not any water however, but the lovely artisan water called Voss.

VOSS Water: Look Deeper

Voss artisan water is from Norway and comes in a cool bottle with a wide opening which enables the addition of a variety of fruit, sweets or vegetables such as cucumber.

The taste of the water is pure and clean as it is but adding something like fruit makes a real change and gives a bottle that just looks so cool!

So here's how I did my lovely flavour.  I chopped up some  strawberries and kiwi fruit, I then added to my bowl some raspberries, blueberries and a small amount of lemon.

I poured half of the water out of the bottle into a glass and then started posting the bits of fruit I had prepared into the bottle.

This is how it looked when I had finished adding the fruit and topped up the water.  This lovely lot went into the fridge overnight to infuse.

This is the beautiful tasting fruit infused water!

The fruit that did come out when I poured it was a lovely addition to the drink.  The remainder that was left in the bottle needed helping out and was lovely with breakfast yoghurt!

Check out #thecitygirls  who are Holly and Lorna for more blogger events!

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