Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring Time at Pratts Patch!

Coal bunker and log store designed and made by Gary - they are brilliant and I am so pleased with them!

Spring flowers

Well spring seems to have sprung and April is here!  We have been starting on the veggie patch once more rotating crops and planting more of what we like and were successful with last year.  Also protecting our valuable crops from our wild neighbours such as birds, mice, butterflies and others!

Tomatoes, cherry and ordinary planted.

Lettuce and salad leaves planted.

Celeriac ready to pull, rhubarb at the back with blueberries in raised trough.

Raspberry canes, gooseberry bushes, shallots in bed.

We have also extended the plot to include a trough on the  outer edge where we will plant carrots.  We are going with the plant as much as you can - do not follow spacing rules just go for it!!  Also co-planting, that is if there is a space put something in it!
Gary is also constructing the defence cages, so will post pics of these when finished.  Our poor gooseberries are always attacked by caterpillars a bit later in the year making them look so awful so we intent trying to protect them this year.  Mice have competed with me to eat our strawberries so will see if our defence strategy works this year.

We are planning on planting courgette again this year, potatoes in sacks, mange tout, dwarf beans , salad, parsnip and anything else we can fit in!


  1. Your Pansies look absolutely gorgeous Sophie and I'm impressed with the construction of the coal bunker and wood store - they look great! I miss having a garden so much in Spring, I love our rented maisonette but it'd be great to have a little piece of Earth :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Sophie,

    I love your flowers...they are gorgeous. Great idea for the coal bunker and wood stove and your vegetable garden is off to a great start! I wish I had your enthusiasm!

    I'm so glad that spring is here! Happy Easter!


  3. Busy busy eldest sister. Looking forward to seeing all in real life come May x