Thursday, 23 February 2012

Decoupage Clock Tutorial

Well as part of the British Sellers on Etsy team I have taken part in the Team Swap- I have received an absolutely lovely brooch made by Shalotte and in return  I recycled one of my little clocks with designs that I thought she may like.  I used this as an opportunity to provide a bit of a story of the little clocks journey.

There once was a little clock that didn't work and had a dirty face.......

It's top and bottom were removed.... these clocks are assembled in much the same way- removing the feet and nuts at the top releases the top and bottom.

This allows the door and glass to be removed

Often the faces are held in place with sticky pads.  This clock didn't work so I removed the hands

and the paper face- removing the clock movement is a bit of a challenge but eventually comes away.....

the clock in pieces ready for a new life!
I added a brand new quartz movement...

I used an image from Graphics Fairy ( the front of a photo album) and placed a clock face within the image- I photocopied this .....

and added it to the clock.  I fitted the new hands....

Now it was time to start covering the clock... I used pages from books and printed images to decorate the frame.

removing the handle helps to give a clean finish to the top....

Remember to keep all the small bits safe in a little pot.....

Top, bottom and door...

Top bottom and door after revamp.....

I like to add a small detail to the handle.

Reassembled and ready for more embellishment 

The theme for this was 'Spring'- as the receiver of this gift likes Pre- Raphaelites I used pictures in this style to depict the Spring theme
I like to add detail to the base...

I added some lovely pictures to the sides and top- I used a boarder from an old book to decorate the front of the clock.

I then added a good few coats of varnish to protect the whole thing..

I added a cutting from an old dictionary to the inside of the door...

The finished item

This little metal embellishment I think adds to this little clock- I had it in a box of items  of spares for repairs - the Mucha design for 'Spring' 'Pritemps' reminds us of the Spring theme.

I hope my swap partner likes this as much as I do?????


  1. Sophie,

    I can't believe it is the same clock! You did a wonderful job and I love the papers you used to cover the clock pieces. I didn't know you could add a new quartz movement to clocks that weren't working. That is good to know.

    I am sure your swap partner will adore the clock! I certainly would!

  2. OMG - that is absolutely beautiful!!! Naomi you are a lucky girl :)

  3. Sophie, thank you so much for the clock, it is so very beautiful and is sitting at this moment on my dressing table next a regency repro pistol and moroccan lamp, it fits in perfectly with my theme. I love the little bit in the back and the bottom, you have done a super job of upcycling it.

    thank you so much