Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Annie Sloan Painting Again!

Well following a lovely break in France with my parents my creative mum inspired me to give our kitchen table a little make over!

This is the poor table to be made over!  Yes the marks you can see are bite marks made by our little dog  when she was teething!  She started her furniture design hobby early!

Oh yes and the cats do love to sit on it too!

So Bite marks still evident of course but now the distressed look is enhanced by the Annie Sloan paint- a mixture of 1 part Chateau Grey and 1 part of Old Ochre 

Clafoutis in the making!


  1. Love the colour on the table, I've ordered more paint and am back into paint mode.

  2. you know this table is looking great and has already withstood many knocks and bangs!!