Sunday, 29 May 2011

sock knitting world!!

 My first ever attempt at sock knitting- using 2 needle pattern- needed lots of help from mum with this!! used cheap yarn and as you can see odd balls!!  They have been worn so much they now have big holes in them but I think this is due to using very cheap yarn as much as anything- but hey I can do it now and went on to knit another pair with 2 needles for Holly, my daughter.
 First attempt at sock knitting using 5 needles!! lovely sock yarn Opal Herzogin Eugenie (Rainforest 4001)  75% superwash wool & 25% polyamid- to be much harder wearing hopefully!!  I like the way each sock is individual but matching!!!! used a very easy to follow pattern that came free with the yarn purchased here:

So now raring to go on more socks and patterns!! Also still knitting my slippers with the Alpaca wool- lovely.......

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