Saturday, 21 May 2011

Official Patch!

Sign made and put in place on our little patch!!  Made a lovely Rhubarb & Ginger cobbler tonight with our first rhubarb from the patch- yum!

Aubergine potted on this week, tomatoes growing well, small cucumbers growing already!  Had to remove another crop of radish due to cabbage root fly- this is war! I have now planted radish in a small trough and completely covered with mosquito net!! will report back on the success of this defensive action!  We have also put a cover on the broccoli bed - allowing the plants to just pop through- again in expectation of attack from the various bugs that somehow find out we have planted!

The bees have been busy around the raspberry canes- again in all this space how they find us is amazing!!  Good crop of strawberries awaiting the ripening sun to do it's job.

Funny how a small patch can find us so much to do!  Weeding is always there to keep us busy following the willow seed dispersion that was helped by the wind a few weeks ago- how come they come up so quickly and nothing likes to eat them!!??

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